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Young or elderly, Al-Diplomacy is of the opinion that everyone may lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we think that we should not only help you ensure your health but also do so. Al-Diplomacy supports the neighbourhood through a variety of programmes that have encouraged UAE residents to become more active and hence healthier.

Our free, 15–20 minute exercises are conducted in Arabic and English by locals and nationals of the UAE. You may join even if you’ve never worked out before because our exercises are appropriate for all fitness levels.

The variety of exercises available includes yoga, circuit training, Zumba, and other full-body exercises. Sessions are free, enjoyable, and enlightening. They’re simple to do at home at your convenience.

Health Insurance For Resident Expatriates

The employee’s wage, position, and other factors affect how much coverage is provided to employers and their families. The price of your medical treatments would depend on the type of insurance or plan you have and how much coverage you have.

Employers and sponsors in the emirate of UAE are responsible for offering health insurance to their employees and their families. Health insurance coverage for employees must be provided by the employer. Sponsors are needed to secure insurance for the dependents who will be living with them.

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