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Travel, whether for work or pleasure, is an essential component of daily living, and international travels are frequent. Travel insurance is flexible in that it may be tailored to fit travel plans and is meant to cover the risks involved with local or international travel. Policies are often available on a single trip basis (covering just one trip for the duration of the trip, as the name implies) or an annual basis (covering multiple/unlimited journeys throughout the year). Conveniently, coverage may be set up for singles, couples, or families under a single policy, making this sort of insurance versatile, handy, and cost-effective.

Countless individuals depend on us! Al-Diplomacy Travel is the UAE’s top travel insurance provider and help services, with one intervention every two seconds. Winter sports, risky activities, terrorism insurance, single-trip coverage, or annual coverage: Go ahead, whatever you need, we’ll be here for you every single day.

What We Offer

Our extensive travel insurance options are made to accommodate all of your requirements. We provide coverage for

  • Personal Baggage, Personal Money, and Passport Losses: on your journey. Your personal items will be protected against accidental loss or theft.
  • Baggage Delay: from the moment you reach your location for at least four hours. You will be covered for the purchase of necessities like clothes, toiletries, and medications in an emergency.
  • Delayed Departure: If unexpected circumstances like strikes, bad weather, mechanical failure, or a technical issue cause your aircraft to depart after the planned time.
  • Transport and Emergency Medical Expenses: resulting from a trip-related illness or unintended physical damage. We will also set up transportation to a hospital that is closer to you or has superior facilities in your own country.
  • Planning a trip to Europe: Make sure you purchase Travel Schengen, the minimum coverage that is necessary to acquire a visa to any Schengen nation. After purchasing, you may instantly obtain your certificate of travel insurance.


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